See Beyond the Initial Appearance

We hear and use the word "discernment" often, but do you know what it really means? Do you know that everyone uses discernment on a daily basis and never realizes how important it is, and how to use it effectively?

Do you have the ability to see and to know the truth from that which appears to be true; facts from fake?

In a world full of lies and deception, we are going to help you sharpen your discernment/inner insight so that you can see and know the actual factual and motives behind those things that are presented to you.

Welcome Video

Welcome and what to expect VIDEO

In this course, we will:

• Define and break down the meaning of Discernment.
• We will identify 4 Components of Discernment
• How to Discern your own Spirit
• Discerning Spiritually vs. the Gift of Discernment
• How to Sharpen your Discernment

There will be video teachings and written content to cover these subjects. You will also have Biblical Research to verify and confirm your understanding.

Enrollment is OPEN!!!